Coder For Good:
The Think Tank That Does Good Things.

The software you write can do great things.

Yet that power comes with a responsibility.
Your code sets your will on the world, shapes it, changes it.
Your code can create, or it can destroy.

Create With Us

Tired of being a replaceable cog in the machine?

Tired of your code just being used to make some guy in a suit more money at your expense? Let us help you find the satisfaction of making the world better with your code while you also reap the benefits.

We are the White Wizards of this age.

A hundred years ago the powers we have to automate reality would have been considered the darkest of magick, and many people still fear what we do today because its outside their ability to understand. Aren't you tired of people fearing you?

We love technology. Code is our life.

We love computers and technology. Billions of people use the things people like us build every day, and that makes the world a better place. So how has your code made the world better today?

You don't have to be a Programmer.

We are simply a group of smart people who just want to do good in the world. We know that is a big task, but we are not scared to try. We understand that most people will simply not try to do anything themselves. It is simply in our best interest to lead the way. Let's find a place for you to help.

Are you a charity that needs some help?

We love working with other people and groups who want to change the world for the better just like we do. So please, get in touch and let us know if you think we can help each other make the world a better place.

Our code already does so much.

Through our "day jobs" our code already helps provide your electricity, protects you, entertains you, educates you, heals you, and in general allows you freedom to live your life. But lets do more.